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Precision Fusion Training Football Yellow/Blue

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The Precision Fusion training ball is the only training ball here that has been accredited with the IMS (International Match Standard) stamp.

A training ball price but with the qualities of a much more expensive match football.

The Fusion is a 32 panel football, machine sewn, with a textured outer, foam mid layer and 1PV lining which offers the look, feel and performance of todays modern match balls.

Along with the wound bladder, this offers better shape retention, less pressure loss, improved accuracy and better responsiveness.

Available in four fives colours in sizes 3, 4 and 5.

  • International Match Standard training ball.
  • Textured TPU outer shell.
  • PU sealing at seams for high level of resistance to water absorption.
  • 3.5mm EVA backing.
  • One PV backing layer.
  • Rubber bladder with high rebound properties and polyester winding.

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