Mitre Ultimatch Footballs - Ten Pack

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Launched in 2018 the new Mitre Ultimatch Match football replaces the Mitre Delta Replica ball. For previous users of the Ultimatch Hyperseam prior to 2018 this would relate to the new Mitre Ultimatch Plus ball.

The Mitre Ultimatch ball still uses qualities of the Hyperseam technology and is now their entry level match ball.

Constructed with a 20 panel design and has a superb textured surface which gives improved grip and control. This match ball is a soft touch ball and has an increased 4.5mm hyperfoam backing, this helps retain the power through the ball as it is kicked.

The ball also has an enhanced 0.6mm PU outer to make it more durable and improve the touch and feel of the ball.

Note: The 2019 Mitre Ultimatch IS NOT IMS approved.

Available in Sizes 3,4 & 5 plus two colourways of White or Yellow

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