Mitre Impel Max Footballs - Ten Pack

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Lauched back in 2018 the Mitre Impel Max replaced the ever popular Mitre Calcio Training Football and for all those fans of the Calcio ball, then this is the ideal choice for you.

The Mitre Impel Max training football is Mitre's best training ball and uses the latest Vimini textured surface with an added protective PU outer to improve performance and durability.

These features ensure the ball lasts longer making it the best training ball available from Mitre. The Impel Max also uses the latest Hyperseam technology and makes the ball almost 100% water resistant. Great choice for all surfaces and all levels of training.

Over the last few years most players now insist on the soft touch feel of the ball as it gives them added control and allows younger players the ability to play and train for longer. This ball has an increased 4.5mm EVA soft touch foam backing.

This is a great hard wearing training ball with a 30 panel construction.

Available in White/Blue or Yellow Colours in Sizes 3, 4 or 5

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