Mikasa SV-3 Schools Volleyball

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The Mikasa SV-3 school volleyball is the perfect indoor and beach volleyball for children and youth players. Perfect for schools and clubs.

  • Reduced weight
  • Perfect grip
  • Top ball for a super price

The Mikasa SV-3 school volleyball is made from high-grade synthetic leather (Aero material), is machine stitched and has the patented TwinSTLock stitching technology. The special properties provide optimum shape and stitching stability.

More information:

  • Size 5
  • Circumference: 65-67 cm
  • Weight: 200-220 g light
  • Colour: yellow/blue

Technical Details

  • Training ball
  • Perfect for School and recreational sports
  • Certificate - DVV, FIVB certificate
  • Size 5
  • Weight 200-220 g
  • Circumference 65-67 cm
  • In the modern MVA design

The Mikasa School SV-3 volleyball is ideally suited for young people from 12 years upwards. Whether in schools or a club, with this ball the volleyball game is made fun.

The 8-piece panel construction and reduced seams create a larger, smoother surface. These qualities and its reduced weight lead to lighter and better ball control.

The leading ball for schools and clubs. Order your Mikasa SV-3 school volleyball today.

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