Mikasa V345W Volleyball

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Mikasa V345W Volleyball is the official school match volleyball. Inspected and approved by FIVB, this lighter ball is perfect for use in training and competitions for beginners and advanced players aged 8–12.

The robust volleyball is made of durable artificial leather (Aero material) and is machine stitched. It features the same aerodynamic 18-panel design as Mikasa competition volleyballs and is particularly easy for players to grip.

The double-layered No Leak butyl-rubber bladder and the special TwinSTLock seams give the volleyball its special shape-retention and seam stability. This guarantees long-lasting durability and consistent playing characteristics. The V345W volleyballs are also eye-catching and their bright colours ensure they can be easily seen at all times

  • Official German Volleyball Youth (DVJ).
  • Awarded and certified by FIVB & DVV.
  • Competition and training volleyball for hall and beach.
  • Reduced weight to 200g.
  • Recommended age: 8 - 12 years / ideal for school and club.

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